How to lose weight fast

What are the foods that keep Tok? Dr. Internal Medicine Specialist explains the ways to lose weight fast. Ayça Kaya gave suggestions to speed up the weight loss process

To lose weight fast, getting rid of weight quickly is something that many things. What should be considered when losing weight? Which rules should be followed? What should we change in our lives? What should we do to be fit and healthy? Here are the answers to these curious questions …In the diet book published in the Mayo Clinic, one of the leading health institutions in the United States, the diet myths, which cannot be adapted to day-to-day settings, are set aside.According to the Mayo Clinic experts; to make all the food, to find the right food, to enjoy eating, the process of weakening the food, requiring proper nutrition and to return to the old bad habits.

Never eat food while watching television. If you have sugar life, ‘can not’ taste the fruit for the taste. Eat only fruit plate for aperitif, a slice of cake to the apple of 4 apples, remove the oily flesh. consume less fat or fat.

Dietician Sinem Paker, ”why not eat in front of the television should not eat? ” Answered the question: ” He hypnotized people almost. He’s still moving us. In the past, while children were running and playing on the streets, television is now on the computer. This is the main reason for the increase in obesity in our society, the immobility has increased a lot. You cannot adjust what you eat when you consume the feeling of saturation or consuming it in a fast way. Twenty minutes after he starts to eat, a sense of satiety comes from the brain. If you watch television for 20 minutes, you cannot adapt to the amount of food you eat and you may have eaten too much. You have to know what you eat, to see, to enjoy what you eat. Television’s blocking it. It’s a mistake in children. Children should never be allowed to eat in front of the TV. Otherwise, it will cause big problems in the future.

Paker, ” diet ” diet ” will be done without changing the way of life, ” 5 pounds in a week, 15 pounds in 10 days, 20 pounds in 3 months should not be targets. Because if you gain weight quickly, you gain weight very quickly. We expect to lose weight fast in this fast. This is a business that wants to bother. Nutritional habits must change necessarily, ”

the most difficult period of this period during the first 1 month, the body needs to be with resistance, approaching the situation is accustomed accordingly: ” The newspapers, magazines written here in these periods with many wishes. Even if you apply them for 3-5 days, you can change the final approval. Then he’s moving away without losing weight. It needs to be in contact with such experts so that they can lose weight by making their life difficult and within

“DIET LISTS MUST BE PERSONAL SPECIAL PROGRAM”Dietitian Sinem Paker, a single type of diet will not gain success in weight loss, a personal customer service focused on specifying a target, ” person’s workplace, pleasure-oriented things, lifestyle, health programs, such as where there are personal programs. Because his body is unique, ” he said.Paker, ” Just scald, I’m just going to eat vegetables ” must be right to have a problem, ” The biggest sociality in our life to eat. When we go to meet with our loved ones where we go, what we eat or what we are here. We have no right to remove such a great sociality from our lives. But people are entering such a way when you say diet. However, to make life with the food you want to do this, ” he said.

After finishing the salad and yogurt, go to the other dishes. Our traditional meal comes in the shape of the soup, then the main dish before the table. Salad and yogurt chambers are always served as ancillary meals, however, you can start with salad and yogurt and then, after finishing the main course, you can eat the main meal with a higher energy value. You will get out of the table by eating faster.

Karbonhidratlar karbonumuzun en önemli yakıtıdır. Karbonhidratsız bir yaşam düşünülemez. Beynin kullandığı tek yakıt karbonhidrattır. Maalesef günlük yaşamımızda daha fazla karbonhidrat tüketiyoruz ve daha fazla karbonhidrat depoda yağ olarak depolanıyoruz. Yiyecek, yiyecek, patates, pirinç, ekmek, makarna, hamur işleri, erişte gibi yiyeceklerin sonunda yemek yemeyi ve daima en az tüketmeyi deneyin. Bu tür yiyecekleri aynı anda yemeyelim.

Many structured scientific researches have shown that pre-meal and food preparation water is trying to weaken within us. Eating and drinking water reduces the empty volume of the stomach, suppresses hunger and takes less food.

The food was very hungry, the renovated amount is rising and the person is very hard to eat. If you feel very hungry when you consume milk, yogurt, buttermilk, milk-based coffee just before your meal, you will feel that you eat faster and eat less.

LİMON: Your lemon in your meals. Because we lower the glycemic index of lemon foods, the blood glucose fluctuations go out, we feel more satiated.WALNUT: 2 walnuts, which you will add to your meals or salads, prolongs your gastric emptying time in the form of good fats and prevents you getting hungry more quickly.ACI RED PEPPER: The hot red pepper carries out the metabolism and increases the fat burning due to the capsaicin substance it contains. It’s time to love spicy food more.POTTERY: Probiotics in homemade pickles, expanding good bacteria in the intestine initiates closure, strengthens immunity and balances metabolism.YOGHURT: Contains conjugated linoleic acids through your bellies fight against fats. Getting the protein it contains takes a more intense feel, and the high calcium content is expanding fat burning.

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