Creative Wedding Ideas for Those Who Say What Can Be Done Different at Wedding

Surprised couples want to be full of different things and unforgettable surprises. You might as well say, What can you do differently at the wedding? Design a wedding to the theatrical marriage officer. You will make your wedding unforgettable by experimenting with interesting ideas in your wedding!

1- Specially Prepared Wedding SongsAt the wedding, what do you think of a song that was played by you and your future spouse? This surprise will surprise your guests as well.One of the interesting wedding ideas, the name does not necessarily have to be romantic wedding songs. firms special wedding and romantic love song special for the name of the wedding can edit.In the meantime, apart from weddings, they also made special name songs for henna nights.They also offer this service at an affordable price. Since you already have prepared songs, the firm demands a very low fee.

2- Animation of your Love StoryPrepared slides from photographs of traditional couple at weddings are reflected from the barcovision. With the music they chose to clean the music … Of course, you’re not bored of this cliché? If you want to add some difference to your wedding, you might like this animation idea.Cartoon Storybook company, I work with couples with cartoon / animation.First of all, you’re sending your future wife and your photos to the firm. And then the firm wants his stories. This may be a dating story, the day of the marriage proposal or the one you decide to marry. Whichever you choose!They send an animation by showing the photos you’ve sent, your story, and the structure you’re looking for. This animation is aired on the wedding at the wedding, social media is opened.And maybe this is the first cartoon you’ve ever seen to your kids, who

3- Abundant Humorous Theatrical Wedding Craft Fun TimesOne of the interesting ideas of wedding organization in recent times is the theatrical wedding! You know, the brides march before the wedding day. Wishing couples can call the wedding officer to the wedding venue and the wedding is able to call.However, the wedding venue can be a little higher by calling the wedding official. Of course, your wedding is a separate question to be available at the date you can be available.There are no real wedding ceremonies at this wedding venue. So instead of the actual wedding officer, the Theater Artist is called to the place.firms perform all the rituals of weddings and makes the guests entertain with their humorous words while marrying. In addition, this situation can reduce the stress of couples in the wedding ceremony menu, can be comfortable.

4- Surprise the guests with the band teamWhile dancing with the DJ on the track, invite the saxophones and the band of rhythms to the band! Can you guess how much enthusiasm will rise?Band-O; She has been very successful in performances such as wedding band, bridal band, cake band, welcoming, classical band, duet, trio. You say the music team you want, they organize it right away.The firm has 20 years of experience. In addition, there are many teams. They choose between the teams and choose the one that most appeal to you.

5- Instant Photos with MirrorBoothThe differences that can be made at the wedding are a list of systems where the guests can take pictures instantly.Let me explain: Bring a mirror to the MirrorBooth company wedding venue. But this is a little different from the standard mirrors. The guests are taking the right pose in the mirror and can take their own photos.Then, in the mirror view, they can print out the frames they took from the photo device and even share them in social media accounts digitally if they wish.In addition to the classic wedding poses in this system, the intimate shots you take with your loved ones are centered.Let’s not say mirror; gay shoots high photos at high resolution.

6- 360 Degree Photo & Video ShotsAt the weddings, complex photography techniques were developed. Drone, Jimmy jib and more detailed equipment can be used. But this time I’m going to talk about another technology.At the entrance of the wedding venue welcomes guests on a platform. This platform has a feature: 360 degrees in its own menu. On the rotating platform the guests are giving different poses. These photo frames are merged to reveal interesting videos.Selftouch presents this technique and takes pictures like this. After the event they give all the photos and videos to couples.You’re going to dominate more about the company watching the video. Don’t forget to go along with Selftouch if you like it!

7- A Gift to Remember: Finger FilmI think this is one of the most popular wedding ideas. The establishment of Parmak Film Company adds a very entertaining activity to weddings.First of all, they are invited to the Parmak Film stage. Invitations are played with funny accessories and playing music, while 7-second videos are taken.Formatted with a special phone in a short file such as 90 videos, it creates Finger Films with the special cover design and presents it to the guests.With the English name, we know the same logic as the İngilizce flipbooks İngilizce. So there is a different frame with a video of a small pocket book. When it passes through a fast pace, a film is coming out.

That’s the alternative idea for the wedding organization I’ve listed for you. Don’t forget, the little small organization at your wedding will be told for a long time with saffron loved ones. That’s a wedding invitation. If there are different wedding organizations that you recommend, you should also write comments and contact us.

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